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Director's Message:

We just got selected as an official partner of the ABSA CAPE EPIC 2017 – 2019…. Yes we were a beneficiary in the past, but the stakes have been raised and there are now only 4 main charities involved, of which the Anna Foundation is one! As if that wasn’t enough good news, we have also been selected as the official charity of the 2016 OUTsurance KFM Gun Run… And yes, also part of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon… now who said a little charity like ours can’t make a BIG impact!. :)

Of course as the leader of this outstanding charity, surely I need to walk the talk. Any takers to join me in a triple challenge? #RunWithMe: Cape Town Marathon (September 2016), Gun Run Half (October 2016) and Two Oceans Ultra (April 2017). All for a good cause! - Who's with me?!

And on the educational front, the laptops we’ve placed in all our after school projects continue to be a huge hit. The children get so engrossed in the educational games that they don’t even realise they are doing sums or learning to spell. :) Assessments are around the corner next month and we look forward to noting improvements and progress over the past 6 months….


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Righting

READING (Literacy/Numeracy): A retired teacher once said: “Working with children is like baking a cake; one should mix the ingredients in a creative way to guarantee successes”. Our “ingredients” this month have been the strategies, activities, games and resources that facilitators have learned during the monthly training sessions and applied in the classroom. Their creativity has been inspiring. It is exciting to walk into a class and observe children practice spelling from the worksheets, playing the ‘Fishing Game’ with new vocabulary, alphabetising, building and writing words, and also tackling grammar activities - all additional, well thought-out activities linked to the education worksheets.

RUNNING (Sport): The focus has been on soccer, but we like to throw in a few odd-balls to the mix and keep things interesting. How is this game for teamwork » or this one for team spirit »

RIGHT-ING (Life skills through drama): In this drama game the children have to work in three's. The first child must present to the group 'what' they are and the other two must add on to the first child to complete the picture. Just look at their confidence »

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Bike Project Revamp Underway

Our bike programme is about to “re-launch” in an exciting way at Buffet Olives farm (Paarl).  Next door, Eckhardt Kühn works as the ‘Adrenaline Activities Coordinator’ at Cascade Manor! In addition to biking, Eckhardt also builds MTB trails and some of them have been used for some top, national riding events! Between Eckhardt’s passion for biking, desire to coach and share his skills, and our work with the Buffet Olives children we have found a viable, long-term solution to the bike project.  With absolute commitment from Eckhardt, Cascade Manor and Buffet Olives' farm manager John, we’re good to go!

Buffet Olives has provided land onto which Eckhardt will build a pump track, with the help of both the children and their parents. The bikes will still be used as a reward and not a right, and always under Eckhardt’s supervision. There’s a secure workshop for storage, maintenance and checking in/out of the bikes, and Eckhardt will coach the children on a Friday afternoon with a group ride on the weekend. The first step is to purchase new bikes (the current bikes are 6 years old and very ‘well ridden’)! Watch this space… but first take a look at this cool clip that Eckhardt put together which explains things perfectly » He is a perfect match!

Running Around

Our little people have been literally ‘running around' this month!  First was the Safari fun run in Wellington while the children from Memel and Nuwerus farms did the Leipzig 5km fun run (Nuy Valley) and 55 learners from AF Kriel Primary completed the 4km Montagu Mountain Mania trail run. For both Langeberg groups, this was their first fun run ever and definitely one to remember. Those finishing medals are fantastic for building self-esteem!

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Theatre Outing

Our Boland children visited the HB Thom Theatre at Stellenbosch University to see a production of Hansel and Gretel on 7 May. They thoroughly enjoyed the performance and even got to pose with members of the cast afterwards!

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Elana Meyer very kindly gave us 4 development entries for the EyeRun2Jump program. The four 10 and 11 year olds who attended the weekly Friday course were from our newest project at the Sustainability Institute. “We first did the jumps. I was not good at jumping. But now I know how to jump. And we also run, it makes me tired, but it is good."

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Our Current Needs

We thought we'd keep you abreast of our current needs so if you can help, if you know of someone who can or if you have any possible contacts we can approach, please email Carolyn or call 021 - 885 1922...  

  •     Warm clothing (primary school sizes) - jackets, jerseys, pants, socks etc.
  •     Sponsorship for waterproof winter jackets
  •     Laptops in working order
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Thank you for all the support this month!

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