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January just about blew us away… we reopened our after schools and the children just came flooding in! Where we were expecting 50 new children, we got 72… where we were expecting 80 children, we got 102 …, 94 expected, 114 arrived - and so the year began. Of course we are ecstatic about the numbers – we must be doing something right! We are happy to be helping so many children in need of our support. It does mean more project facilitators are needed, more resources, more food, more work. So thank goodness we like to keep moving here at the Anna Foundation because surely we don’t have time to sit around thinking about it: Let’s get going – our help is needed

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3 R's News: Growing Great Readers

On the education side of things, our current training sessions focus on teaching facilitators how to use a visual text to develop the language skills that children need to grow into confident and independent readers and writers. 

Through a variety of language activities facilitators are being equipped to help the children to develop and consolidate a more comprehensive vocabulary, build/write more interesting sentences, and read the very important high–frequency/sight words.The visual text we are using is a colourful, attention-grabbing poster. Oral prompts displayed around the poster help to generate interesting discussions, and encourage children to wonder and think about things they see in the poster. 

Engaging in a discussion and thinking, are very important elements in the development of language skills in children and through this exercise we strive to strengthen the development of vocabulary and language structure awareness.

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More from the 3 R's: Drama Developments

We’re very excited about our new drama booklets! Drama games have been categorised according to the skills on which they focus, and facilitators are being taught how to select games for their life skills lessons to suit their particular group of children. So if a class is struggling with resolving a specific problem, facilitators are able to choose games that directly deal with this issue.

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The Cape Wine Auction: What a Lot We Got!

We are incredibly proud to be one of the beneficiaries of the AfrAsia Cape Wine Auction 2016 and this year we're even more proud to be adding value to one of the best lots available, namely "The Ultimate Week In Robertson Wine Country With The Anna Foundation". Including a visit to one of our projects, we've teamed up with Weltevrede Graham Beck Wines, De Wetshof Estate, Springfield Estate and Die Laaitjie to give bidders an experience like no other! Take a look at what this amazing week entails

Online bidding is currently open while a Barrel Auction and Live Auction will take place on 12 and 13 February respectively.

Cape Wine Auction At 2014 the auction raised over R7 million while this figure increased to over R10.5 million in 2015! All proceeds are divided among various charities which are actively involved with education in the Cape Winelands, including the Anna Foundation which received R500 000 last year. Go on, raise your paddle!
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Thank you to everyone who has supported us this month!

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In a Row

New office staff = 3 (we welcome a new Head of Education, Project Manager for the Langeberg, and a new Office Administrator)
New project staff = 11 
New children = 122 (includes one brand new project, new Grade R’s, new seniors and new children joining the after-schools)
Face "It's so hot that the grapes have cooked right through!
Facilitators asking "I wonder why..."
Growing readers
Drama Tree
Drama games


A cameraman from 'Top Billing' recently filmed the children at Simonsig Wines as they continued with their reading activities, sports and drama lessons. The insert is included as a result of a donation we received from DeMorgenzon who passed on their R20 000 winnings to us from the Standard Bank/Chenin Blanc 2015 Challenge.  
The clip will be aired on SABC 3 on Thursday 4 February at 19h30!


Some of our Boland farms took part in the annual Stellenbosch Harvest Parade which serves as a celebration and blessing of the wine harvest. The children were so proud to represent their farms but at the same time made us proud by adding a little extra 'yellow' to the parade (plus, our bus of course)!





























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