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Director's Message:

As the year draws to an end and exam time approaches, we put on our boxing gloves and get ready to tackle the last 6 weeks of 2014! This time of year is always jam packed – assessments, reports, year end functions for children and staff, giving back, Christmas plays and lots of planning for 2015.... Where did the year go?
I am officially back from maternity leave and I am yet again reminded what a privilege it is to do the work we do. When you do something you love and you can do it with passion PLUS it really makes a difference, is that still called work?
Our Year-End Showcase is just around the corner…. we hope to see you there!


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Right-ing

READING (literacy/numeracy):  This month we start off with the theme: “My future, goals and dreams”. The worksheets encourage the children to think about their short-term as well as long-term goals, for example: “do I want to study at college one day?”. Children think about their own interests and where their talents and strengths lie. In a practical lesson we make “Things that I Like” booklets where pictures are drawn or cut out from magazines demonstrating the things and activities to which each child is partial. We learn more about different occupations while the older children dig a little more deeply into what each job entails. The topic of entrepreneurship is always enjoyed as children think about starting their own business – what kind of business would they open?  We think about the target market, advertising, budgeting and so on. Numeracy practice, data handling and graph interpretation, features prominently throughout the month until the theme moves towards everyone’s favourite: money maths! The lower grades familiarise themselves with the visual appearance and financial value of coins and bank notes, using cut-out paper money for practice. The older learners tackle pocket money sums, decide on wants versus necessities, work out discounts, compare prices, and learn what it means to ‘budget’ – all very necessary life skills to learn for the real world.

RUNNING (sport): The sports alternate between dance and athletics days.  The dance is proving very popular and is aimed at improving coordination, footwork and rhythm. “Pre-dance” activities and games are designed to get bodies standing tall, aware of personal space and to have strong feet and working as they should.  An example would be team races where children lie in a row on their backs and pass the ball to the front, holding the ball tightly between their feet. For the learning of the waltz, facilitators encourage children to ‘dress the part’. Some girls put on smart, high-heeled shoes and being paired up with the boys in their classes as dance partners has made the lessons all the more enjoyable as everyone simultaneously counts: “1, 2, 3…” out loud.  The SpongeBob shuffle dance has proved a little trickier to learn but this hasn’t prevented the children from giving their all (and having fun!).  On the alternate days, the athletics games are designed to practice the actions of various disciplines, for example the “stick-jump” game which simulates the triple and long jump.

RIGHT-ING (life skills through drama): Our current aim is for all our learners to realise that they already have what they need in order to succeed. They already have the resources, support and strength to overcome obstacles which are faced each day. When they focus on their unique strength and function as a strong support system for each other, they are capable of more than they realise.

Grade R - 3's:  The little ones delve into a story in which all the characters have recognisable strengths and weaknesses. The lesson is that each character has an important contribution to make to the group, while highlighting the importance of accepting other’s weaknesses. Through a series of fun games the children discover that they have their own strong points which enable them to be a valuable and contributing member of the group. Grade 4 - 12 's: At the start of the term the older group began creating their own comic strips. Each child designs a hero who then receives an urgent message that “Kindness has been kidnapped!”. After first brainstorming why it is important to bring kindness back into the hero’s world, the learners play a series of games in which they discover their hero’s strength, fears and needs. They can then help their hero to succeed in ‘rescuing kindness’.

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Launch of the Book Nook

Imagine a safe, quiet area where a child has a wide variety of educational books, toys and games at their fingertips.  A cosy corner with comfy cushions, a soft mat on which to build puzzles, black boards on which to practice writing, and even a box filled with dress-up things which can double-up as a bench…  Well, this is exactly what our Stellenzicht after-school was recently given at the official launch of the Operation Shoebox “Book Nook” (or “Boek Hoek” for all Afrikaans folk)!

It all started with a doodle on a napkin. Anton Fanton took the doodle and his carpentry skills, and turned the sketch into a reality while Kirsten Dewar (Operation Shoebox Chairperson) and Shoebox volunteer Tracey Fanton (also Anna Foundation volunteer!), ensured that the Book Nook be filled with all things educational. Kirsten, Tracey and Anton visited the Stellenzicht children on Friday, 3 October for the launch, as the first after-school to be equipped with this magnificent learning centre.

The Operation Shoebox Book Nook is a book and toy library that caters for all ages and will be used to enrich the activities at the after-school in addition to the Anna Foundation 3 R’s Programme.  The vision for this new project is for further Book Nooks to be set up in other after-schools… And not only for the Anna Foundation children but for as many children as possible!  So, if your company is looking to sponsor a really worthwhile cause, why not consider sponsoring a Book Nook for one of our many after-school projects? Our children will be so appreciative! Please contact Kirsten at Operation Shoebox for more information.

Take a look at some of the photos from the launch ►

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Operation Shoebox for all the work put into this project - Kirsten, Anton and Tracey, thank you for all the hours that have been invested in this amazing ‘creation’.  For the Stellenzicht children, it was love at first sight!

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Boland Soccer Fun and Games Day

Just to add a little spark to the week-long holidays, a Soccer Fun Day was organised for all of our Boland farms on Friday, 10 October at Rustenberg Wines. The morning started with a group warmup session with some very loud and lively music, guaranteed to get everyone’s feet moving. Once awake and warm, the children were first split into grade groups (R – 3’s together, and grade 4’s and up) and then further divided into mixed teams (gender and farms) according to the colour card which they drew from a hat. Face paint made it easy to distinguish between the groups and war cries increased the already lively vibe in the air.

The different age groups took turns at the two game stations… on the main field the soccer games were played at 7 minutes a side before switching teams and giving everyone a chance to participate. In a separate area a number of boeresport’ and relay games had been organised. Teams competed against one another to find sweets in bowls of flour (with their mouths, of course!) and jumped through ladder drills, cheering their newfound friends on. After 45 minutes of non-stop action it was time to switch fields, giving the children a chance to experience both games areas.  We had to laugh when children began to ask the facilitators for a rest – after the amount of running, jumping and cheering that had been taking place, they deserved a break!  For the remainder of the morning, the teams that had accumulated the most points ended up battling it out on the soccer field until an overall winner was declared. Those not playing cheered from the side-lines. Although there was a winning team, the overall focus of the day was not on who would come first or last but to meet children from the other farms, just enjoy the games and have fun. And that’s exactly what happened. To end a fun and tiring morning, our learners got to enjoy hot dogs and fruit juice before heading back to their respective farms.

Thank you 1%Club for sponsoring the teatime apples and lunchtime hot dogs, and Pacmar for once again being our ‘hydrators’, providing juice for the event.

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Wine on the River

The Anna Foundation had a fantastic experience running a 'kiddies station' for the "Wine on the River" festival which took place from 17 - 19 October. We offered face painting, colouring in, puzzles and games for children, as well as providing our very own clown (thank you, Beva!) and our services were greatly appreciated by many parents! Facilitator, Petro from Excelsior Wines helped out with the face painting and despite this being a first for her, she didn't hesitate in letting her creativity free.

The Wine on the River festival is an annual spring affair on the banks of the Breede River which showcases the Robertson Wine Valley wine farms and provides a most laidback and relaxing setting for families and friends to enjoy the wines of the region, and the outdoors. For more

Thank you, Elizma and Marylize from Robertson Wine Valley for having the Anna Foundation and we look forward to joining you next year as you celebrate 10 years!

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Countdown to Pub Quiz Time...

It's almost here: the annual 1%Club Pub Quiz Fundraiser will be happening on  Wednesday, 26 November at the historical Fireman's Arms Pub in Cape Town.  The actual quiz part is run by Quiz Nite Cape Town and Anna Foundation is the beneficiary for the event so we'd love to have as many of you come along and support us as possible!

♦ Get your team of eight friends together and book your table HERE  ♦ Think of a clever/funny/silly team name.  ♦ Getting your team to dress up is optional but highly recommeded as prizes will be awarded to the best dressed team.  ♦ Studying is optional but brushing up on things like "Miley Cyrus' pet hamster's middle name " may just help you. Watch the evening news.

This year's 1%Club Pub Quiz Fundraiser promises to be another outstanding, utterly enjoyable evening. The team and spot prizes are always sought after with a number of teams returning each year to try and defend their title. Why not join in the fun this year?!

DATE: 26 November 2014
VENUE: Fireman's Arms Pub, Cape Town
COST: 1%Club Members - R180   |   Non-Members - R250
BOOKINGS:   |    021 - 885 1922

All funds raised from the Pub Quiz evening go directly towards supporting the Anna Foundation programmes.
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Thank You

  • Lilla Howe Trust: Financial donation and continued monthly support
  • Croft Trust: Financial donation and continued monthly support
  • Dr Brom: Financial donation and continued monthly support
  • de Villiers Family: Financial donation and continued monthly support
  • van der Merwe Family: Financial support for school tuition
  • 1%Club Members: We really appreciate your monthly support
  • Operation Shoebox: Book Nook and general support
  • Wines with Heart: On-going financial support
  • Dorothy Caldeira: Donation
  • Victoria Caldeira: Fancy pencils
  • Pacmar: Juice
  • MFM 92.6: Air time and general support
  • Boland Gazette (Jill): Article
  • Anthea Krohn: Donation of laptops
  • Andre de Toit: Donation of TV's
  • Holmelea, Barrydale and Nola: Monthly contributions are so appreciated
  • Neelsie Student Centre: Marketing space
  • MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and all our 'card swipers' 
  • Rustenberg Wines: Use of your Community Hall and fields
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In a Row
18 November 2014
Le Pommier, Stellenbosch
This event will be a chance for you to find out more about our 3 R's Programme and hear real stories from our projects in action. 
Should you wish to join us please RSVP by 11 November or call Carolyn on 021 - 885 1922.


Facilitator, Felomia runs the Excelsior Wines grade 3 and 4 class and takes her job very seriously.
Star Despite not having any formal education training, she has natural class management skills and the children respect her.
Felomia goes above and beyond in terms of preparation for all 3 R’s, always taking her own initiative and finding fun (and clever!) ways to inspire the children.  Following each afternoon, she always provides thorough written reports for her project manager. She is fantastic role model, not only for the children, but for her fellow facilitators as well.
The children make booklets which contain all "Things that I like"
Money maths: we make piggy banks
Learning the waltz
Learning a poem about "I am special"
Thank you Operation Shoebox!
The complete Book Nook package!
A Drama Prop bench also serves as a desk
Enjoying the building blocks


War Cry
War Cry!
Beautiful day for some soccer fun
Ladder Drill
Ladder drill relay races
Wine on the River
Our kiddies' station, complete with clown
Petro Face Painting
Facilitator, Petro helped with the face paint
Teams of 8, fantastic team and spot prizes to be won, dress up, and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Members: R180  |  Non-Members: R250
Cost Includes:  A Pub Meal & Drink, A  Professionally-run quiz and a donation to Anna Foundation


FACILITATOR: "What animal lives in the jungle?
CHILD (Gr 1): "An elephant!  An elephant runs fast... and has babies."  Faces


It was a active weekend for the children at Buffet Olives as a number of them took part in the annual Saturday trail run which is held on their farm each year. Linwille (gr 4) won the men's 5km run in 22:28 while the other Anna Foundation also did extremely well. On the Sunday, 10 children participated in the Buffet Olives MTB Classic.
We're so proud of Curtley (gr 7) for coming 3rd in the men's 14km ride, while Jermaine (gr 9) finished 2nd  in the ladies' 14km category! Ride
Thank you, Geddan (Franschhoek Cycles) for the race entries!


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