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The Anna Foundation is proud to be one of the associate charities of the iconic Cape Town Marathon taking place on 20 September 2015. We are challenging others (regardless of whether you consider yourself a runner or not….) to participate in this event and help raise funds for us…. A good feeling for a good cause! I was challenged by the race organizers and (obviously) I could not say no! So here’s to digging out my dirty tekkies and getting to it! Please help support our cause.
This month we also welcome a new project in the Breede Valley area: Memel. If you know the Pumpkin Farmstall just outside Worcester, then you know Memel! We are excited and inspired as we continue to expand into these rural areas.
The winter is heading our way. Remember our kids if you ever have warm blankets and boots to give away. It gets wet and cold from here on!


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Right-ing

Holidays: During the week-long Easter holidays our facilitators are free to choose their own activities to keep the children busy. Many projects are enjoying the computers and the Eduplay games really help to keep the children’s reading and maths active during their week away from school.

A holiday drama workshop for ages 10 to 18 was organised by our Life Skills Co-ordinator, Uné for our two projects in Robertson. The workshop was designed to build a positive group dynamic and confidence by facilitating a shared positive experience, and an opportunity to generate original ideas and creative discovery. The children were eager to participate and showed a tremendous amount of creativity and energy from the time they arrived. One particular task required children to come up with a short skit, using props as objects out of their normal context (for example: an oven mitt becomes a bird) and we were most surprised yet impressed by the imaginative outcome! At the end of the workshop all learners were asked to write on strips of paper, the talents and strengths they utilised during the workshop. These strips were then linked to form one long chain. The children learned that even though they might sometimes feel as though their contribution is inconspicuous or irrelevant, they need to remember that every person is valuable and without their contribution and without their link, the chain would break!

READING (Literacy/Numeracy): We start the term looking at leadership. Fun games, such as “Simon Says” and “Follow my Leader” are used to introduce the lesson before the worksheets ask questions relating to the topic.  We compare leaders and heroes and ask whether our heroes are also make good leaders, comparing the different qualities they possess. At the end of each worksheet there is a dose of maths practice from the Edupeg books which the children always tend to enjoy.

RUNNING (Sport): Term 2 is the term for soccer and the children are busy learning the basics of kicking on the in- and outside of the foot, dribbling and passing. Team relays where the ball has to be carefully manoeuvred around strategically placed cones make for an exciting afternoon among our learners, while other games which incorporate the practicing of this newly-learned footwork make for an energy-burning and fun sports hour.

RIGHT-ING (Life skills through drama): Grade R – 3’s: This term’s focus for our younger children is on anger management. All of the drama games are linked to a story about animal characters that experience anger emotions in different ways. Feeling angry is compared to a tornado that is stuck in a certain part of your body. When Lion is angry, for example, he feels as though there is a tornado in his tummy and this makes him want to shove, hit and jump on his friends. In the story, all of the animals learn that a tornado (anger) doesn’t last forever - it subsides. The characters in the book learn different things that they can do while they are waiting for the tornado to subside. The children get the opportunity to practice the anger management techniques depicted in the story through various fun games. Grade 4 – 12’s: Story-telling is on the agenda for our older learners this term. Stories can help children to understand and explore their actions and the consequences thereof. It reinforces the importance of choices; and especially the impact that our everyday choices can have. In the story-world, children can explore different ideas and see how those ideas will influence and have an affect on the lives of their characters. Learners are encouraged to use their imaginations and think in terms of “what if…?”. “What if” is an extremely important question to be able to answer in real life. It can help the children to start making choices that will direct them towards the future of their dreams, rather than possibly have them stumble into the future with no hope or ambition.

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Holiday Sports Days

During the April holidays we held Sports Days according to in the various regions in which we work.  These fun days were planned as a follow-up to our first term’s sports lessons which were all about building fitness, and were designed to give the children something to work towards during the course of the term… and add a touch of healthy competition to the mix.  And what a driving force the competition was!

The Sports Days were reason for much excitement and proved to be a wonderful incentive to wake up early, even though it was holidays!  Children from Grade R – 12 were divided into teams according to ages, mixing girls and boys from the various projects and giving the children a chance to make new friends.  After each  group had performed a war cry the ultimate test of fitness required teams to race against one another through an obstacle course where learners had to complete sets of push-ups, crunches, shuttle sprints and endurance runs, as well as climbing under chairs and testing hula hoop skills! At the end of the day prizes were awarded to the fastest and fittest children and to the teams which had the best spirit.

One event was held for the Boland and surrounds which included projects as far as Elgin, Tulbagh and Moorreesburg.  Another was held for our after-school projects in the Robertson area, and a third for our Ashton farms. Thank you to Aty Burger for making these events possible.  

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Cape Town Marathon: Challenge Yourself

Not a runner?  Consider yourself to be more of a rider? Or a couch potato even?  It doesn’t matter what you think are – challenge yourself and tackle the experience that is the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon! With 7 hours in which to complete the mostly-flat route around the scenic city of Cape Town, you can run-walk most of it and still make it across the finish line in time for tea and medals!  It will not only feel good to complete the marathon, but words will not adequately describe the "inner" feeling of undertaking an event like this for more than yourself.  It needs to be experienced.

Never run a marathon? This is your chance. The hardest part is getting yourself to register.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF… then challenge a friend: Anna was first to be challenged and she’s stepped up and begun training towards 20 September. We’ve since been challenging people left, right and centre, who have in turn challenged their friends to take the plunge and join them for the 42km event which is soon to be compared with the greats, including the New York, Boston, London and Berlin marathons!  

JOIN OUR GROUP: Right now the Anna Foundation marathon ‘team’ is growing by the day and we welcome all others who would like to run for more than themselves. We are offering to pay for your race entry, race chip and temporary licence in exchange for a little fundraising and help you set up your online fundraising profile. You’ll also get an official Cape Town Marathon race t-shirt and run in our newly designed kit. All it takes is a little commitment from you. You can always challenge (or dare!) a buddy to join you on the tarmac! 

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Volunteer Wildfire Services' Trail Run & Fun Day

This is the third year that we attended the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) trail run followed by the Fire & Fynbos Awareness Day and it did not disappoint!  This event has become a true highlight on our calendar and we had children asking from the start of the year, when it would be taking place again!  

The day was held at Lievland Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on 19 April and kicked off with a 5km trail run. Trust us when we tell you there was some pretty steep climbing followed by some equally hectic downhill stints, all on loose gravel but enveloped by vineyards and truly beautiful views! Of course, there were bound to be a few ‘wipe-outs’ with children refusing to slow down but just as quickly, they picked themselves up and continued running – it just goes to show how much fun was being had. The Anna Foundation children ran extremely well (as always, some chose to run barefoot!) and Ruben from Dornier Wines, once again came in first place! It was also fantastic to have so many valuable support runners help us out and we suspect they enjoyed the run just as much as we did. Take a look at some of the professional photos taken of the run - beautiful!

The Fire & Fynbos Awareness Day Awareness Day followed and the VWS had very kindly sponsored our children’s entries, enabling them to move from station to station and participate in the various activities. The children had the opportunity to learn about and touch various snakes (as part of the conservation display), man a fire hose, ride in a real fire truck and watch a fire-fighting display (with real fire!) and real helicopter! It was jam-packed, fun-filled outing and did not disappoint.

We are most grateful to the VWS Jonkershoek team for being so accommodating to the Anna Foundation once again. Thank you for the reduced race entries and for sponsoring the A-Day activities - we truly appreciate it! Our friends in yellow(!) really know how to organise a fun day out! 

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Thank You

  • Lilla Howe Trust: Monthly donation
  • Croft Trust: Monthly donation
  • Dr Brom: Monthly donation
  • de Villiers Family: Monthly donation
  • van der Merwe Family: Financial support for school tuition
  • 1%Club Members: We appreciate your support
  • Wines with Heart: Anthony, thank you for everything!
  • Absa Cape Epic: What an epic donation of cooldrinks!
  • Dros, Robertson: Waterslide for Ashton Sports Day
  • Gazette: Thank you, Michelle for the article
  • WineLand Magazine: April edition insert
  • MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and all our 'card swipers' 




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CT Marathon
Child waiting for friends to catch up:
"Yoh, my tchommies, do you know how long I have been here waiting for you?!"
Child running downhill:
"Ag nee, I don't have any brakes on my shoes!!!"
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Drama Chain
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Worksheets on the theme of leadership
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Drama Story
In the life skills lesson for the older groups, the children have to design their own house using things they find outside and then tell a story about their finished house to their piers



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How to Convince yourself to Run the Cape Town Marathon
(if you're undecided!)
STEP 1:  Make a Pro and Con List
STEP 2:  Set Your Pro and Con List on fire. Most of those cons are just excuses.
STEP 3:  Do what Nike says: “Just Do It” and email carolyn[at]annafoundation[dot][com to sign up!



Drama Chain
All smiles at the start of the trail run
Drama Chain
A different kind of firefighter's water hose, but still a lot of fun!
Drama Chain
Snakes: educational
Albert and Jazzmin  Jazzmin lives at Dornier Wines and is in Gr 11 at Stellenbosch High. This is her 4th year in our scholarship programme.
She is excelling at her school work and plays netball in one of the school's top teams.
Jazzmin recently received a visitor from the Netherlands: Albert de Croon made a generous donation towards Jazzmin's schooling at the end of last year and popped in to meet her on one of his recent trips to SA. Albert is in the also in the wine industry and works with Henri Bloem Wijnkopereij in Bussum. 



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