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Director's Message:

We hosted our first parent workshop this month. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and yet we never seemed to have the capacity or time. A special thank you to Renee Lighton for her vision and support in making this finally happen! While our focus is on the holistic development of children, we cannot ignore that the parent is the most important teacher in the child’s life. When we link in with the parents, and assist them to support their own child’s development, the road to success can only be stronger. It was heart warming to see their excitement in some of the activities they were taught and all parents left knowing their worth and their role in their child’s development.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to read our Half-Year Report . We have received reassuring feedback from many of you regarding our work and the impact we are making. Thank you for supporting what we do.

Now out with those dusty tekkies and come run a marathon to show us you really do care (You could also do a half marathon or 10km, that would also count!).


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Righting

READING (education): Do you remember having stories read to you as a child? Maybe you remember who read to you and why you enjoyed some stories more than others. Reading aloud to children creates a love and enjoyment of reading while different types of stories introduces them to the different styles and genres of written language. We can encourage children to become better readers, develop language skills whilst also increasing their vocabulary and world knowledge, simply by reading to them.

Our facilitators are being encouraged to read, read, and read some more to the children in their care. It is pleasing to observe the confidence they are gaining as they learn to use different voice intonations, facial expressions and even actions as they read aloud. More importantly, the facilitators are demonstrating the pleasure of reading and this is what will motivate our learners to read themselves.

In the Running (sports) hour we are practicing touch rugby skills - passing, agility and fancy footwork, while in the Right-ing (life skills) lessons, facilitators are free to select drama games from our curriculum depending on the areas they feel require specific practice, such as problem-solving and communication.

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Parent Workshop

We recently held an education workshop for the parents of children attending two of our after-schools in the Langeberg.  The workshop was run in conjunction with Renee Lighton (“LightOn Education”)  who is renowned for her lessons which are accessible and enjoyed by all, using everyday recyclable material as tools for learning.

Approximately 40 moms - including girls in their late teens, grannies and caregivers - were transported from their respective areas to the Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre in Robertson. Body language indicated an initial uncertainty as to what to expect from the morning but parents were quickly made to feel at ease after a warm welcome and introduction by Director, Anna. Sessions were run by Anna Foundation’s Head of Education Mary Luhdo, Anna and Renee Lighton.

Renee demonstrated practical lessons and how to use household items like bottle tops, lids and egg boxes for teaching: sorting colours; hand-eye coordination, counting, letter recognition, etc. Mary’s session focussed on reading - how to read to their children with expression and using different voices to animate a story.
Each parent received a brand new story book to take home and read to their children. This was a highlight for most parents who do not have any books in their homes.

The content of each session was aimed at assisting children with academic development and giving parents skills and tools which can be implemented at home. From feedback we received, they left feeling cared for and inspired to share their new knowledge with their children.

The need for additional workshops such as these is particularly valuable in these communities were levels of unemployment are high.  Parents who are at home with younger children could be contributing towards preparing them for school but this time is lost as parents are often unaware of how they can add value, stimulate and nurture their child’s development from an early age at home. We will be offering 3 more workshops during the course of this year.

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Winter Warmth

Thanks to the generosity of companies and individuals we have fulfilled some very basic needs at AF Kriel and Riverside Primary namely (road-savvy) wind/rain resistant jackets and new tekkies for the Riverside children.  Massive thanks for enabling us to fund this!!

Jackets:  Kränzle South Africa, The Three Oaks

Tekkies: Olyfberg trail runners (Amoija Events), Klem Carstens and Robert Kehoe

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Thanks to this Month's Supporters

Tekco | Kränzle South Africa | Klem Carstens | Lilla Howe Trust | Croft Trust | Dr Brom | 1Percent Club Members | de Villiers Family | van der Merwe Family | MySchool supporters | Suidkerk (clothing) | VinPro (clothing) | Werksmans Attorneys (files)
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In A Row 

From the Parents
Lydia's child attends the after-school at AF Kriel Primary (Montagu). We asked Lydia about her thoughts on the Anna Foundation.
 Facilitator: "What is kwashiokor?"
 Child: "I don't know.  I haven't been told yet."
Enticing children to read
Engrossed in a story
Parent Workshop
Hand-Eye Coordination
Parent Workshop Group
Our Simonsig children enjoyed a morning with the netball girls from St Mary's (UK), recently touring in SA. Language was no barrier as they played games and exchanged songs. The visitors treated our learners and left bags of sports equipment for us! Thank you St Mary's and Edwin Doran Sports Tours for the special visit!
St Marys Visit 
Jackets and Tekkies
 Some of the Riverside children with their warm, new jackets and tekkies
 We really appreciate the staff from Three6Five who drove from their office in Cape Town on 18 July, all the way to Robertson to hand out stationery packs for all the children at Riverside Primary.  Even the teachers received  their own stationery packs! Thanks to all involved.
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