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Director's Message:

We see so much hardship in the work we do in these rural communities. For many, this can be the real challenges faced on a daily basis in the classroom at school. Not being able to read or write is a reality for many of the children we work with. I was recently at a project and wanted to help an older child with his homework. He stared at me blankly when I asked him to write the word ‘butterfly’ in his book. I then said ‘b’, write ‘b’, and he couldn’t do that. He is 14 years old. It is so hard to inspire a child in this circumstance. Where do you begin? I come back to the reason I started this work in the first place: it’s not about writing the sound ‘b’, it’s about still believing in yourself even though you can’t write the letter ‘b’. I once read a saying “Don’t give up on the person you want to be”. I translate this as “don’t you dare give up on yourself!”… So you can’t write, you can’t read…. Do you just quit? NO – you become the boy who can’t read but keeps on trying and you don’t give up until you can read. And in that process you learn about yourself and your strengths and you inspire others. Easier said than done but our role is to be there to help these little children to believe in who they are.


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Righting

Reading (literacy/numeracy): For both facilitators and children, this month’s focus is on applying new skills and knowledge.  Although it is most important to not forget but to integrate prior knowledge and skills that has been learned!

Planning is vital. Facilitators write goals using a planning wheel to focus on vocabulary, sight words, and language structures that the children need to practice, develop and apply in order to grow their reading, writing and language skills. Adding to this are the language activities, games and reading strategies that have been demonstrated at training and classroom-support visits. Practice makes perfect!

Running (sport): We continue with the touch rugby focus while in the Right-ing hour (drama), lessons are in full swing and tackling various social issues through fun drama games.  Click on the picture on the right to see one of the drama games in action and how the children work together and try to figure out what scene or setting their friends are enacting. Such involvement and enthusiasm.
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It Starts with a Bang and a Wednesday Warm-up
Only a few weeks to go until the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run on 16 October!  One of the weekly build-up activities is the “Wednesday Warm-up” run along the Sea Point promenade. It’s open to everyone and you can choose whether to run 5km or 8km, just for the fun ‘n’ fitness of it!
We recently took a small group of children to Cape Town for the run. Being beneficiaries of the Gun Run our learners were there to represent the Anna Foundation as a whole and the children did us proud, making quite an impression with their good manners and impressive running!
We’d love to do another Gun Run Wednesday Warm-up run in the weeks to come and hope that more of you will join us for the next one! You missed out!! Keep an eye on the Gun Run's Facebook page for details
Entries for the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run are now open. You can choose between a 10km route, 21km run, or take it easy and join us for the 5km fun run!
You can enter online otherwise you will find entry forms at a number of Sportsmans Warehouse stores. Entries for the fun run can be done on the day. So, you coming?!
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Cape Town Cycle Tour Charity Entries Available

Join our team, ride for us and give a child a chance to grow!

The Anna Foundation charity  entries cost R2800. Of this, R800 will cover your entry into the event (NOT a donation). The remaining R2000 will provide opportunities for a child that they would otherwise not have during the year: fun runs, trail and MTB events, and a chance to benefit from our education and sports activities. Should you wish to do some additional fundraising, we'll give you all the support you need... and throw in our official cycling shirt to encourage you as you ride for more than yourself!
For more details email
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Parent Workshop Part II

On 19 August, Renee Lighton facilitated a 2nd workshop for parents of children attending our AF Kriel and Riverside Primary after-schools.   Pattern, position, colour recognition, body parts and storytelling were just some of the areas covered.Ideas were revised while new information in which parents and grandparents can use  learning tools  (retail advertisements, bottle tops, egg boxes, lids and boxes) to support their child’s education, were added.
After tea time the focus turned to 'discipline' - a topic which parents had expressed at the previous workshop, as being a big challenge. Ideas on Positive Discipline techniques were shared and parents leaned a great deal.
The morning was a tremendous success: Parents connected, were open to sharing and have learned how to ask quality questions. Before leaving, each one received a new story book, a magazine, 2 retail advertisements, an egg box and an item of donated clothing. Moms and grannies went home inspired.
Thank you, Renee for sharing your valuable knowledge with us!
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Thank You For Your Support!

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In a Row
Fun Run
11 September 2016:
Cell C Day of Races

14 September 2016:
Moore Stephens Night Run

17 September 2016:
Cape Town Peace Run

16 October 2016:
Gun Run Fun Run (5km)

Come and join our children as a support runner/walker.  For all details about upcoming runs, or to be added to our mailing list contact Carolyn
FACILITATOR: "Hoeveel geld gee die tandmuis?"
CHILD: " 'n Rand vir 'n tand."
Translation:How much money does the toothmouse give? A rand for a tooth]
Dialogue and Intonation
Reading dialogue using different intonation
Drama Game
"What are we?"
Gun Run Official Shirt
The official Gun Run race shirt posing with the official beneficiary
The sea spray on the Promenade is quite different to the vineyards that we're used to!


 Cape Town Cycle Tour


Renee Lighton


Parent Workshop
Inspired parents after the workshop


 The Shoebox of Love Project is open for 2016! Register to ‘adopt’ a child on the Shoebox website and you will be given details about their personal preferences and 'likes' which will help you make up a customised shoebox gift for them. These are then handed out to the Anna Foundation children at the end of the year, often as the only gift a child will receive.
 Shoebox of Love support to the Anna Foundation through various donations throughout the year and we really appreciate all they have done for us!
Shoebox of Love



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